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What Brendas Grown Ups Students say





Here are what these sessions mean to Brenda's students:-



'It was fantastic to work with you. Fantastic feedback and you are an amazing and inspiring woman! I'd love to talk soon about our next event.'

Robina, Events Manager, The Ned, Bank, London

My daughter, my granddaughter of 21, teenage grandsons, and I have been on various courses run by Brenda, and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Brenda's courses are for all ages and abilities. Between us, we have covered a wide range of subjects, including faces, Christmas and Autumn wreaths, pots, 3D heads and figures and, at this moment, two of us are looking forward to making The Green Man! Brenda is such a good teacher, so encouraging and positive. Her explanations and instructions are very detailed and clear so that even a beginner gains confidence under her tutelage. Her welcoming and lovely, calm manner makes everyone feel that they can succeed. But most of all, it is such fun!

Marion Thrower 


Brenda’s workshops are an excellent introduction to ceramics. Brenda provides friendly and knowledgeable instruction so that you can explore your creativity and learn at the same time. Brenda’s classes are small and friendly and she quickly puts everyone at ease. I would recommend her classes to anyone who wants an instructive and fulfilling introduction to ceramics.

Amanda B

I have been to several of Brenda's clay sculpture workshops now and enjoyed each one of them immensely. I had not done any pottery or clay sculpture when I first went, but was soon hooked. Brenda has a knack of making even the most challenging projects possible to tackle with her calm manner and clear explanations of each step. At every workshop I attended I found a friendly atmosphere and came away with another creative object to liven up my home. My sons, aged 11 and 13, also did some clay sculpture with Brenda at a Walmer Castle event and were very proud of the results.

Katharine R 

Having had no previous sculpture experience and considering myself to have no artistic ability, Brenda’s classes turned out to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things I have ever done! Brenda is a very gentle, intuitive and generous teacher and enables participants to create lovely personalized pieces in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I thoroughly recommend her courses.

Jane D

'Finding out about these classes was a magical moment. I have learned new ways of looking at my work in a safe and enjoyable environment. I can't wait for the next session! '
                                                                                                       Janet  W.

'I had such a wonderful, amazing day today, I was absolutely buzzing!  When I left I was speaking so fast! I loved the finished pieces together. I should be asleep but still buzzing with excitement! I cant stop thinking about it !'

Nikkie W.


'I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the lesson, it was so fabulous in every aspect!  All the other students were so enjoyable to be with and I so enjoyed being taught by someone so talented.'


'I came to Brenda's sculpture classes having never done it before. I have had the most wonderful experience. Great teacher, good company and everyone, including me goes home with a completed and much loved piece . 
Thank You Brenda!'

Annie H.


'A stimulating day, while also very relaxing. Looking forward to the next date.'
                                                                                                       Andrew C.


'I am certainly not a natural sculptor but Brenda's workshops are inspiring! I always come away with something to be proud of! It's a fun day too! '                                 
                                                                                                            Pamela H.

'I have never tried sculpture before but found learning something new really enjoyable and rewarding. Everybody gets a good result and every session is challenging and fun.'
                                                                                                                 Donna K.


'I was introduced to these classes by a friend and have found them an oasis of joy, inspiration and great company. 
Thank You Brenda! - I will be back !'

Angie H.

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