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After three amazing years as Artist-in-Residence at Treetops Primary School I'm on the move.

A very large ceramic wall mural made by every single child in Treetops Primary (infants and Juniors)at every single stage of construction. Now on display in school reception area.

My work varies so much. I love the unexpected nature of it and it always seems as one door shuts another, unexpectedly open. Well, after three wonderful years as Treetops Primary Schools Artist-in-Residence I am sad to say goodbye. The school, as with many schools, has hit a funding crisis and any of the 'extras' have had to go. I was one of those extras. The last day was incredibly hard for both myself and the children. I had watched them as they grew in both confidence and ability during this time. I wish the the head, the staff and the incredibly talented children well.

At any one time I work with only two schools as Resident Artist. This means one day a week I work with the school to deepen and extend its arts provision, freeing up valuable teaching time.It may be working with groups who are showing artistic promise or individuals who have confidence issues. I can work with whole classes on topic themes and open up possibilities of arts scholarships.Art and music both tend to make people happy. And happy, confident young people learn better! An Art Residency is very good value for the school and allows great flexibility. For more details please email me I would be happy to visit the school to discuss your need with no commitment.

Maidstone, Kent based. Residencies close to base only.

I have put some of the childrens artwork here. The children make each stage of all the artwork..I just show them.

Ceramic Poppy wreath by Treetop primary.

An very, very large artwork made by Treetops Primary as a 'commission' for the local church.

Roman Pots project.

Art response to 'Lark Ascending'.

African Masks.

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