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News and Updates from Brenda Burgess September 2016

Dear All,

I hope that you all had a wonderful Summer holiday and that you were able to get some 'me time'.It all seems so long ago now and hopefully you are all ready to find out what you can do with a lump of clay. I feel it should be on prescription as it is so good for you - but should also come with a health warning due to it's deeply addictive qualities! For those of you willing to 'take the risk' I have enclosed the latest dates at Godington.

A heart shaped trinket pot made by a junior school pupil.

As many of you will know I have been working with Godinton House, Nr. Ashford, for about two years now. Our last meeting of the year was in October and it was, as always, a very memorable day. I met a group of keen sculptors, some beginners and some experienced and we took a really deep look at the amazing shapes that the garden has to offer at this time of year. The work was very impressive and many in the group would have surprised themselves at what they could achieve. I look forward to returning to Godinton .We will be looking at the human form for our theme for all of 2016 at Godinton and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Some of the great people I met at our last meeting at Godinton House.

Workshop dates

28th September 2016 Godinton.. booking.

Theme:- Human form.

There will be additional dates later on this year and I am working on an arts festival project - I will let you know the dates as soon as I have confirmed them.

A sculpture made by student at Godinton House.

One of the things I love about my job is you really never know what might happen next or what suprise the next opening of the kiln or opening of an email might bring. In our last email I think I told you about my work with a wonderful family who I have been helping with art and sculpture tuition. This led Catherine (Mum) to ask me if she could hire me so that I could teach a group of her friends, who were all beginners, about ceramics. The idea was that the profit from the day would go to a really worthwhile charity called Childhood First. It was a great day, great company and for a good cause. Catherine made £300. for the charity. As we both said - thats a lot of cake-bakes! Well, I have had another really nice email. This time from Scotland . It was from Emily and Chloe who are organising a grown up 'hen weekend break' in Kent. The bride has taken up pottery and her friends wanted to organize a suprise ceramic sculpture workshop for her. So I suggested a few places that I work with and the plan(hopefully!) has come together. We will be sculpting in The Queen Mothers Sunroom- The Logee at Walmer Castle. The twelve of them will walk there and not tell her about the workshop. After their time with me Walmer Castle, is laying on a wonderful high-tea with home-made scones, cake and door-stop sandwiches. I think this is such a thoughtful thing for the brides friends to think of and I look forward very much to meeting them all. I will let you all know how I get on in my update after the event (April).

A sculpting student.

Well, that's quite enough from me for the moment . Please forward this update to any of your friends who might be interested in my work. I look forward to seeing those who are able to come at the next workshop .

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