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A perfect day of clay, friendship and cake...and all for a good cause!

I am really luck in my job that I get to meet some wonderful people and teach them something I love. Recently I have been working with a lovely family who's two younger members I have been tutoring through their art exams. 'Mum' asked if she could hire me for a day to teach her friends about ceramic sculpture at her home. I was pleased to be able to help. Twelve friends all paid a fee for the sculpture day and the profits from this day went to charity. Some brought puddings and cake and Catherine had made a really lovely lunch. The charity is a small one but so worthwhile. It is called 'Childhood First'who help local children in Kent. By the end of the day the ladies had made some wonderful pieces from the clay and were tired and happy- and best of all they had also raised over £300 for the charity. That is a lot of cake baking ! A day of The Great Pottery Throw Down and The Great British Bake-Off combined!

If you feel that you would like to do something similar just email me I am Kent based.

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