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During the last twenty years, working as an artist, sculptor and workshop leader, Brenda Burgess has developed a specialist arts workshop service for heritage sites. Brenda works with each heritage site so that the workshop reflects the key elements of the site's collection and adds to the understanding and enjoyment of the visitors experience. Workshops are available for children visiting with schools, children with families, adult arts days and corporate days. Listed below are a few of the workshops that might add to the visitors experience. 

Children's Workshops


Workshops that might work for your site:-


(Press title for more description)

Mini Beasts

Dig For Victory (WW2)

Tudors- The Truth!


Roman Pots

Guide price £180 for 3 hours, £240 for 4 hour workshop.


Adult Sculpture Days




To discuss what workshops might work for your site contact Brenda






All workshops and their content remain the visual and intellectual property of the artist. c2006. By booking Brenda Burgess you recognise all workshops remain her intellectual property at all times.



A sculpture workshop at Walmer Castle

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